Individual Healing with a Holistic Approach

RTMC Services

RTMC Services is a new massage therapy rehabilitation treatment center start-up located in Sunnyvale California, dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who live with mild to chronic pain. A team of committed experts, along with their years of experience in treating people, are here to help you get relief from troubling pain.

RTMC Services

Realign Your Life Goals

We are geared towards individual tailored healing. We adapt a holistic approach with massage therapy services along with recovery treatment. At RTMC Services, we value our clients and work hard to assist them realign balance with their well-being life goals. Our dedicated professionals specialize in unique massage services for managing either daily stress, not fully recovered from a past injury, personalized massage therapy treatment, along with the right approach for your specific rehabilitation plan.

Custom Care Plans

No matter how old or young you are – if you are experiencing difficulties or aching with your daily activities with poor body flexibility in either trouble standing, moving, walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, etc., we are here to help you. We help you strengthen the weakened parts of your body and improve your overall gait and balance. Our custom care plans are aimed at treating your specific problem with the right practices.